AMFPHP is a free open-source PHP implementation of the Action Message Format(AMF). AMF allows for binary serialization of Action Script (AS2, AS3) native types and objects to be sent to server side services. AMFPHP is challenged with implementing the entire AMF protocol to be an alternative to Flex Data Services (AMF3) and Flash Remoting (AMF0). AMFPHP allows thin client applications built in languages such as Flash, Flex, and AIR to communicate directly with PHP class objects on the server. PHP developers can leverage their PHP experience in server side code development by connecting to data sources such as web-services, databases, and business applications and return that data to the client.

Client applications can also offload cpu intensive methods to PHP services and wait for the result set for presentation to the user. AMF allows for native data types and complex object mapping between the client and the server. Enabling ActionScript and PHP developers to not worry about type casting between the two languages. AMFPHP is a great solution for simple data requests such as a datagrid population from a database to complex RIA’s that use Cairngorm, ARP, and other MVCframeworks. AMFPHP is one of the fastest client server communication protocols available to Flash Player developers because communication is serialized into this binary format, which is generally more compact than other representations, such as XML. In addition AMF3 available in ActionScript 3 also compresses the binary communication for increased performance.