In English:

  • tutorials and forum on AMFPHP
  • tutorials and blog on AMFPHP
  • Macromedia Remoting Developer Center
  • flashcoders mailing list
  • amfphp mailing list
  • AMFPHP development blog
  • Flash Remoting book companion site
  • Setting up PHP on your webserver
  • Sönke Rohde – tutorial
  • Jesse Warden – Flash, Flex and AMFPHP
  • SwapDepths tutorials

In French:

  • Flash XPress Remoting news et articles
  • MediaBox tutoriaux AmfPhp 1.0
  • Aggelos – Les recordsets

In Spanish:

  • .:: klr20mg ::.
  • Tutorial de inducción e instalación de Flash Remoting y AMFPHP para AS1.0 Por: javierdaniel
  • Tutorial de instalación de Flash Remoting y AMFPHP para AS2.0 Por: Freddie®
  • Configurar AMFPHP Compartido en un Servidor Dedicado Por: Neftali Yaguas

In Brazilian Portuguese:

  • Flash Remoting com AMFPHP – Primeiro passo

In Chinese:

  • AMFPHP v1.0 MS2 tutorials
  • download, install, hello world
  • pageable recordset working examples
  • using web service with amfphp
  • authenticate with setCredential()
  • Another hello world tutorial