Free ways to get your photo to the top of Instagram

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Of course, filters are crucial to building rankings, but relying only on the mechanics is wrong. By all means, think about your audience and focus the activity on people. Then you won’t have to worry about a quantitative increase in indicators, but at the first stage it still makes sense to use the service

Top tips

  1. Generate quality content. And here we are talking not only about a beautiful picture, which is also important, but also about the informative nature of the publications. The size of your posts may vary from 400×600 px to 1080×1080 px, with a video resolution of no less than 720 pixels. It is better to stick to a single color scheme, it will support the overall style of the publication. As for the content, it is better to create the content yourself, take into account all the needs and desires of the target audience. Despite the fact that the necessary indicators can be tweaked and, for example, buy likes, the formation of the overall picture is influenced by the reaction of your audience. Now the system can easily find out who is mostly active on your profile, your own subscribers or some third parties. Of course, it’s better for your audience to show high engagement. And only interesting content will help to achieve this.
  2. Add publications on a regular basis. That way you can constantly be in the sight of your subscribers, and algorithms will treat you more loyally. When you understand that this will be difficult, you can use special services of delayed posting. But then you’ll need to prepare a sufficient number of posts in advance. Write a content plan, it can greatly facilitate your activities to promote your profile.
  3. Specify hashtags and geotags. It happens that users interested in a topic subscribe to a certain hashtag, so more people can learn about your profile on Instagram.
  4. Add some variety to your posts. Add not only static pictures, but also Stories, live feeds and IGtv videos. Video content is better perceived, and Stories are also well placed, so they won’t go unnoticed. Online broadcasts also increase user engagement, you can answer your subscribers’ questions, announce new products, hold joint broadcasts with a person your audience is interested in.
  5. Motivate users to express their emotions. Sometimes a simple question is enough, just ask the opinion of your subscribers.
  6. Be attentive to your subscribers. Respond to questions asked, respond to comments. If your subscribers know you are talking to your users, then more people will want to write you something. This affects your overall activity, which will put your profile in the Top Instagram. Even stars stay friendly with their followers.
  7. Find fellow followers. Be sure to look at the profiles of users who work in a related field to you, mutual cooperation will bring you both benefits. This way you can exchange subscribers and hold joint events, which will generate public interest. Also, don’t overlook opinion leaders, be active with their content. What’s interesting to a million people is interesting to everyone – draw inspiration from any source.

Additional methods for promoting an account in the rankings

As we have already found out, promotion is influenced by the overall statistics of your profile. There are additional ways you can use to boost your account and get into the Top Instagram publications. Of course, not everyone is ready to use the purchase of subscribers, but its effectiveness is confirmed. To artificially get the desired figures you can use the services of the best company to buy instagram followers.