New ransomware MegaCortex detected and prevented

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Our award-winning cybersecurity partner Sophos has identified a new type of ransomware called MegaCortex, which has started attacking businesses in the UK, wider Europe and the United States with some ferocity.

Sophos first detected MegaCortex in January, but the ransomware has spiked in recent weeks with two-thirds of all attacks happening in May 2019. Every individual attack targeted enterprise networks and infected hundreds of machines.

Notably, MegaCortex has been designed specifically to attack the networks of large enterprises, making it one of many modern ransomware viruses to be used only in highly targeted attacks rather than the ‘spray-and-pray’ bulk attacks many are accustomed to.

Once the attack is initiated, it shuts down processes and services, including SQL and Exchange databases, before encrypting the data. It also attempts to end services like your anti-virus protection in order to bypass security protocols.

Thankfully, as well as releasing detailed information about MegaCortex, Sophos also has a solution.

Check out the below video from Sophos, where MegaCortex is executed, and see how Sophos Intercept X stops it in its tracks.

Cybersecurity is more essential than ever in our digital-first, always-on business world. MegaCortex is just one of thousands of new strains of malware designed to encrypt your business data, incapacitate your business operations and extort money out of your organisation. As Sophos SMB Partner of the Year for the 8th year running, TSG is ideally placed to implement a managed security strategy to keep your business safe from hackers.

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